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ASM's MRA Journal Supports Undergraduate Research

Disclaimer: Dr. Irene Newton is EiC of ASM's Microbiology Resource Announcements and Catherine Putonti is a Senior Editor. Undergraduate research changed my life. Truly. Along with many thousands of other undergraduate students, I started my career really thinking I was going to be an MD. That career path appealed for many reasons - my immigrant family understood it and approved, it was prestigious, and it meant my life was planned out for the next decade. But one semester of research with my undergraduate mentor was enough to get me hooked. I was privileged to have the opportunity to do one-on-one research at a small liberal arts institution but not all of our students have that opportunity. I now teach at one of the "Big 10" - with over 45,000 undergrads on campus there is no way we can provide all of them the research experience I had. But we can and are trying to integrate true scientific research into our undergraduate classes. Some good examples of this are the FI